Finally Done

My show at our corporate gallery is finally up! It has been a lot of work given my schedule, but I am pleased overall. Yes, the scale of most of these things are quite modest, but I moved through a lot of ideas to expand upon conceptually, technically and also in terms of scale. I have 5 different themes running through this body of work, 4 of which I would like to take further. I really think I am done with the "face" pieces for now, and I can leave the star chart behind too.


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  2. I have discovered your blog and incredible encaustic work through channels that make no sense what so ever to most people. I was "googling" certain mediums of art and found a reply you left on another blog that I found via.....and so on and so on. It's a beautiful thing when that happens. I have done encaustic work in the past with one show under my belt. I consider myself a mixed media artist and switch focuses to keep my interest. Your work is truly inspiring. I look forward to your journey through your blog and thank you for putting yourself out there for others to enjoy.

  3. hi- sorry but I obviously do not look at my own blog often (today is 4/18)! thank you for your kind comments. I have found a lot of wonderful artists and people the same way. My media has been fairly wide ranging over the years, but I think encaustic and oil in some combination is where I have settled for good.

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