Monday, October 17, 2011

I am almost done photographing my new body of work and will post it ASAP. Work goes off to the gallery tomorrow so I will post the rest of the pieces as soon as I get all of the photography done. It's kind of lame for someone who works in a professional photo studio to shoot all of their stuff with natural daylight, but that is how I do it. Sometimes it gets shot properly, but usually not. I think my shots are fair representations, though. Encaustic is truly difficult to photograph- the shine off of the wax is only part of the problem; the differing surface depths, texture, color balance, and degrees of translucence are all a big pain to deal with. Ultimately the best way to experience encaustic is to see it in person, so for any one local to Cleveland please visit River Arts Gallery in Rocky River! Opening this Saturday Oct. 22 from 3-7 and on view through Dec. 4th.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

2 of my new pieces that are heading to the River Arts show in 2 weeks. Each of the panels are 20"x20", so the diptych is a little out of scale compared to the other image.
the diptych is Primary Event #3 and the other one is #5. The Primary Event series is not that different from the Event Studies, but the imagery is more integrated into the layering.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Work!!works-2011

New work loaded onto the website listed above. I will post a couple of images here too! These are heading to my mid-October show at River gallery. They are titled "Primary Event" as the series name. Check the website for more images. More to come in the next several weeks!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New show in October

I am busy making new work for an upcoming show at the River Gallery in Rocky River Ohio. I am half of a 2 person show opening Oct. 15 and running through Dec. 4:

River Gallery
Ara Hamamjian owner
Mark Yasenchack gallery manager
19046 Old Detroit Rd., Rocky River OH 44116
Some of the work will remain in the gallery through the holiday season as well. Look for all new work including a grid of 25 small panels- that one will be fun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back! OK, I never went away. I've been busy doing the things we all do, but had an incredible opportunity this summer to make art for a terrific client. I am pleased to say that 3 of my existing pieces and 4 new ones have been sold to Hahn, Loeser, Parks law firm. The first 3 will be installed in the Cleveland office (the Water and Sky diptych and Event History 2) and the newly created ATLAS Event series 1-4 has just today gone off to the Akron offices of HLP. Attached is a "grid" layout view of the ATLAS Event series. They have been beautifully framed in natural maple "floater" frames. I have a lot of great company at HLP, who has a commitment to collecting significant art of both national and local/regional artists as well. I offer my gratitude to retired firm partner and art curator Richard Zellner for selecting my work for the collection. I know they have a terrific home and will be well cared for. I did not have the new ATLAS pieces very long and would have liked to have lived with them for awhile longer, but they dwell now among other serious work with a science theme. Thank you HLP and thank you Richard- I am very flattered.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one more!

New work at last!

At long last! Here is the beginning of a new series of works called Array. Within the series are a couple of sub-series, most notably one I am calling Slipping and Shifting. This one was inspired by, of all things, some vintage scientific graph papers generously gifted to me. I found that folded into squares that they made fascinating repeats. These papers are giving a subtle structure of grids and diagonals that I am playing off of. These are very process intensive- lots and lots of prep before the wax ever hits the surface.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New web site!

To view artwork for sale, please visit my newly created website designed just for that purpose:

This is the best and most expedient way to manage my art inventory, I think. Contact me with any questions or comments!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

new work on the way. . .

it's been a long time (since i rock'n rolled, ahaa. . .) but I am finally clearing the debris of the past months away and cleaning up the studio. My life is pretty complicated and my personal time is scarce, but it is now time to return to the studio before spring hits Cleveland and I will have to deal with domestic life around our house and garden.

I've been thinking too much and I miss the experience and act of making things. Look for new works and I will post a few from last year that never were photographed properly. I left off with some different techniques including one with clouds of fine dots making up the matrix of the space, so I will put those up first.

oh, changed the blog template- that black background was getting me down.