I am almost done photographing my new body of work and will post it ASAP. Work goes off to the gallery tomorrow so I will post the rest of the pieces as soon as I get all of the photography done. It's kind of lame for someone who works in a professional photo studio to shoot all of their stuff with natural daylight, but that is how I do it. Sometimes it gets shot properly, but usually not. I think my shots are fair representations, though. Encaustic is truly difficult to photograph- the shine off of the wax is only part of the problem; the differing surface depths, texture, color balance, and degrees of translucence are all a big pain to deal with. Ultimately the best way to experience encaustic is to see it in person, so for any one local to Cleveland please visit River Arts Gallery in Rocky River! Opening this Saturday Oct. 22 from 3-7 and on view through Dec. 4th.


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