Art show redux

Primary Event  Series, #1, ©Tina Elkins

Perseus and Andromeda Series, ©Tina Elkins, 4 of 28 panels. From a series of 6" square panels hung in grid form. Originally there were 25 of these hung together in a 5 x 5 grid, but they are now being displayed in different arrangements.

It's been a while, but here is a couple of shots of my show that is hanging at the Creative Studio Gallery at American Greetings (home of my day job). Admittedly this show is a re-hanging of my show last year at River Arts Gallery, with a couple of small additions to make up for some sold items.  I had a wonderful opportunity to put a decent professional camera on them in the photography studio that I work in, so maybe I will post a couple of others since they look so good.

I paint in short bursts, not continually like any reasonable, dedicated artist would. This is not how I want to work, but it is what I can manage given the nature of my full time career and the demands of family life. I am naturally and very deeply driven to make things, and when I cannot devote the time needed to make art I will fill in by making other stuff just to keep my sanity. (I have lots of little side interests to keep my hands and mind busy.) When I can clear the time, and I am talking maybe a half day or two on a given weekend, I will hit the painting studio, but I have to know that I can work like that for at least several weeks in a row to make it count.

This has been a bad year for art making. I have had endless problems dealing with some things at home- all big time suckers. Sadly, this is not going to let up soon. We have had family illnesses, storm damage and ongoing issues about our house on top of my usual insaniac work schedule. I have managed to make only 3 small new pieces all year- this is very unusual for me to not work at all for so long. I am looking to this winter as a more productive period, and am planning on a new body of work. I have at least 6 larger (24") panels ready to start and several small ones ready to be prepped for painting, so now all I need is time. And time is something I cannot buy for love or money. I am waiting for the right opportunity, and I think I might get it over the holidays. So look for some new work early in 2013!


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