Where did she go?

Where did she go, or more like where have I been? Right here at home, working my job and doing as best I can to deal with stuff. I have had a long hiatus from the studio. A lot of stuff has been in my way, but I am looking forward to getting back to work as the fall season winds up and winter sets in.

My home and personal life are too complicated when layered on top of my full time work as a photo stylist to allow much artwork. Actually I have channeled my creative energies elsewhere for awhile; I decided to re-learn how to play guitar (!- yeah that looks like something out of left field unless you know that I used to play as a teen). I found that I could practice music in the limited chunks of time that I get. When it comes to the wax studio, my little time would not be enough to melt my fondue pot full of medium let alone actually work on art.

But I have always known that what I am will not change. I have had other enforced absences from the studio over the years, but it's all going to work out. I always go back into it stronger. I could no more avoid my own reflection in the mirror than avoid returning to painting.

I have been watching the sky carefully and taking lots of photos (often while driving- yeah, that is me with my little Lumix pointing through the window) for inspiration. I have been inspired by the sky for, well, forever. It was the primary subject of my early work after grad school and has continued to inspire long into my adventures in encaustic. The fluid and layered nature of the atmosphere is an easy translation into the fluid, layered nature of encaustic painting. The added interest in science based imagery and ideas is also a good fit to the sky/water/land thing.

I have recently found some interesting paint from the decorative arts world that works well with wax and I am eager to try it out with encaustic layering. Modern encaustic painting is still evolving and developing, so lets see what we can do with it with the new paints, mediums and techniques along with the traditional ones.

Here is my teaser- (taken with my phone):


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