Still Around

Yep, it's been a while, but I am still around. I am still working on things. I took on a painting commission in summer-fall 2014 that ate up a huge amount of time and took me away from my regular work. After that was over I really had to refocus my attention on home and family for awhile. I also worked some encaustic pieces earlier this year that I am not going to continue pursuing.

That sums up most of the last year; none of that work is part of my ongoing interests and I will not be showing any of it here (or anywhere else for that matter since these are entirely side projects).

What is next? I have some new things, not ready to be shown, that I think will be the start of a new series. My time is very limited but I hope to have something to show publicly by this fall. I am looking forward to breaking out of my strictly square compositions, but I plan to continue with the ideas that interested me for so long.

Will post when ready. Have a great summer!


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